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The Weekend Warrior Has More Than 30 Versatile Features The Weekend Warrior is an adventure backpack that embraces the notions of smart design, durability and organization. The interior of the bag is divided into two distinct sections — Lifestyle and Tech, for easier access, better distribution of belongings and a stress-free packing experience. The adventure […]

Pope warns nuns to use ‘sobriety’ on social media

Image copyright Getty Images The Pope has issued instructions telling nuns to use social media apps “with sobriety and discretion”. The document, titled Cor Orans, clarifies rules governing monastic life that were issued in 2016. It says the guidance is intended to safeguard silence and recollection. The document mentions “social communications” rather than specific apps, […]

WAN Update! Indiana Rejects Rule Changes That Would Have Forced The Killing Of “Nuisance” Animals & Does Not Allow Bobcat Hunting

WAN is thrilled to share the news that Indiana’s Natural Resources Commission decided to withdraw two of the controversial proposals that would have resulted in the death of thousands of innocent animals. DNR Director, Cameron Clark, made the announcement during yesterday’s meeting that they would not mandate animal control providers to euthanize “nuisance” animals such […]