Collaborative Translucent Shoes : icon sneaker

John Elliot and LeBron James Collaborate on the Icon Sneaker The talented menswear designer John Elliot works with NikeLab once again, but this time in collaboration with LeBron James in creating the ‘Icon sneaker’. The iconic basketball player showcased the black and white version of the sneakers on his customary pre-game catwalk towards the locker […]

Individuality-Honoring Lookbooks : Enzo Blues Summer

The New Enzo Blues Summer Collection is Dubbed ‘Chillers’ The Enzo Blues Summer 2018 collection was recently revealed, and is introduced with a stylized lookbook that pays tribute to those who aren’t afraid to stand out in a group. Due to this, the Seoul-based streetwear label dubbed the collection ‘Chillers,’ a word that’s said to […]

Shimmering Metallic Lipsticks : too faced metallic sparkle

Too Faced’s Metallic Sparkle Lipstick Celebrates Its Anniversary Every brand celebrates its anniversary differently, and Too Faced is commemorating 20-years if business by teasing its Metallic Sparkle Lipstick, which arrives in a vibrant pink colorway. Too Faced’s co-founder is known for his dynamic social media presence, which is characterized through his #sneakypeeks hashtag, in which […]

Chunky Holographic Sneakers : FILA sneakers

These New FILA Sneakers Feature Subtle Light-Reflecting Accents A new pair of FILA sneakers emerged in time for festival season, with the chunky silhouette featuring holographic accents that contribute a trippy aesthetic to the retro style. These accents are presented in wavy lines that complement the uppers of the sneakers in synthetic strips, which are […]

In-Store Makeup Consultations : In-Store Makeup

Walmart Partnered with Hard Candy for This Initiative In an effort to draw more consumers in-store, Walmart partnered with Hard Candy to offer in-store makeup consultations and professionally led cosmetic demonstrations. Walmart and Hard Candy have been working together since 2009, when the cosmetic company was retailed exclusively through Walmart. Now, the two businesses are […]

Cartoonish Flower-Embellished Sandals : Prada sandals

These New Prada Sandals Feature a Boldly Childlike Look A selection of new Prada sandals were recently released in time for the summer, and their obscure cartoonish designs make them the centerpiece of virtually any seasonal ensemble. The first of the designs is bright orange, with white, lilac, and sunshine yellow flower embellishments complementing the […]

Fruity Drink-Inspired Lip Balms : Aguas Frescas

Lip Smacker’s Aguas Frescas Series are Inspired by Mexican Drinks Lip Smacker has been readying for the summer with a range of new releases, the latest of which include its Aguas Frescas lip balm products. All of the flavors are inspired by the fruity drinks blended with sugar, flowers, or seeds that originate from Mexico, […]

Socialite-Made Highlighter Palettes : kew beauty highlighter

KKW Beauty Highlighter Palettes Will Be Hitting the Shelves Highlighters have been dominating the cosmetic industry with both high-end and more affordable brands releasing its own iterations and KKW Beauty’s Highlighter palettes are the latest of this shimmering offering to hit the shelves. This launch was teased through an Instagram post, which informed consumers of […]