New Fallout 76 Teaser Previews The Benefits And Horrors Of Teamwork

Bethesda’s Fallout previews, with an old-timey narrator and simple animations, are often both adorable and disturbing. The studio’s newest trailer for Fallout 76 exhibits both those traits, and shows off several potential situations for multiplayer parties to get themselves embroiled in. Earlier this week, Bethesda dropped some details on how players would battle each other, but this […]

Team Sonic Racing Developer Acquires The Chinese Room

The Chinese Room, the developer behind Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, had to lay off its staff last year after “financial pressures and health issues.” While Co-founder Dan Pincheback didn’t come out and call it a studio closure, it sure seemed like one. However, it looks like The Chinese Room has returned. […]

God of War: New Game+ Hits Later This Month

At this past E3, Sony announced that God of War fans will have a new reason to dive back into the game with New Game+ on the way. Now we’re finally getting a release date and discovering what it entails.  In just a few short weeks – August 20 to be exact – a free update will hit, allowing […]

Microsoft Studio The Initiative Hires Red Dead Redemption Writer, Rise Of The Tomb Raider Co-Director

Microsoft’s new internal studio The Initiative, announced during the company’s E3 showcase, has hired a slew of industry veterans. Ex-Crystal Dynamics head Darrell Gallagher, The Initiative’s studio head, announced six new hires via LinkedIn, according to GamesIndustry.Biz. Gallagher later deleted the post, but ResetEra user CrimsonEclipse posted a screenshot of his post. ResetEra User CrimsonEclipse The […]

Crystal Dynamics Opening New Studio In Washington

Crystal Dynamics, developers of the past two major Tomb Raider titles, is opening a satellite location in Bellevue, Washington.  Although the studio is not leading work on Shadow of the Tomb Raider (that game is helmed by Eidos Montreal), the upcoming Avengers Project and other unannounced projects are labor-intensive enough that Crystal Dynamics has decided to aggressively […]

The Madden 19 Ultimate Team Guide

Madden Ultimate Team is back, boasting new solos, ways to play, and an upgrade mechanic that helps both first-timers as well as those in it for the long haul. This guide also has something for everyone during the mode’s early life, from how to make coins to Solo Battles. Note: Madden Ultimate Team evolves all the […]