Blitz on sweet treats sees slow start

Image copyright Getty Images The sugar hit in puddings, biscuits and chocolate has not been cut despite a government crackdown on sweet treats. Public Health England has set a target of reducing the sugar intake from a host of popular foods by a fifth by 2020. Its first year update shows progress in yoghurts and […]

Malaria genetics: study shows how disease became deadly

Image copyright Science Photo Library The secrets of how malaria became a deadly human-killer have been revealed by a genetic study. The work, led by researchers from Wellcome Sanger Institute in Cambridge, compared seven types of malaria – tracing the parasite’s family tree. This revealed that, about 50,000 years ago, the parasites diverged, with one […]

Pepe’s story: How I survived Spanish flu

Image caption José Ameal, here with his mother José Ameal remembers his aunt and uncle would keep the curtains by his bed drawn “so I wouldn’t see the funeral processions”. But like any four year old, Mr Ameal – Pepe to his friends and family – was curious enough to peer outside on to the […]

Nanoparticles from tea leaves ‘destroy lung cancer cells’

Image copyright Getty Images Nanoparticles derived from tea leaves could be the key to a leap forward in treating lung cancer, scientists have “accidentally” discovered. The joint Swansea University and Indian team was actually intending to create markers for detecting tumours. They were amazed to discover the “quantum dots” they manufactured destroyed 80% of the […]

Missing microbes ’cause’ childhood cancer

Image copyright SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY Our modern germ-free life is the cause of the most common type of cancer in children, according to one of Britain’s most eminent scientists. Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia affects one in 2,000 children. Prof Mel Greaves, from the Institute of Cancer Research, has amassed 30 years of evidence to show the […]