Breaking! Kalito Manola Jones Is Arrested After More Than 300 Suffering Animals Were Found At Illegal “Farm” In Sunrise, Florida

Photo of Kalito Manola Jones from the Broward Sheriff’s Office More than 300 animals have been rescued from another illegal “farm” in Sunrise, Florida. Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) released images and footage from their investigation yesterday following the arrest of Kalito Manola Jones, the manager of the farm. Jones was charged with 17 counts of […]

Birds’ Lives Saved After PETA India Tips Off Police

Following a police raid initiated by PETA India, many birds—and possibly some cyclists—will be spared being cut open by sharp kite-flying string. In India, kite flying is one of the most popular pastimes and a highly competitive sport. And that competition gave rise to manja, kite strings coated in glass, metal, or other sharp materials, […]

Tiny Street Puppy Has Sweetest Reaction To Being Rescued

As the weeks went on, Jamie’s health kept improving. His hair started growing back, and after five weeks of intensive care, he had completely transformed into a furry, healthy dog. With his improved health, little Jamie became even more affectionate and loving toward his caretakers. “Jamie is a big flirt and a social butterfly,” Abrams […]

Short-legged Corgi Has Trouble Getting Up Stairs, So Dad Builds Him His Own Elevator

Short-legged Corgi Has Trouble Getting Up Stairs, So Dad Builds Him His Own Elevator Goodfullness By Goodfullness ARS_Blog_DTOP_BelowTitle_300x250 This article originally appeared at Goodfullness. Many people consider their dogs their best friends – and for good reason! For just kibble and shelter, our furry companions shower us with love, loyalty and affection. Most of us […]

Why Pony Painting Is Not a Game

Pony painting has emerged as a cruel new trend for children’s birthday parties. During these activities, which are taking place across the UK, kids are encouraged to “decorate” ponies or horses with chalk-based paint. Not only is this distressing for the animals used, it puts both them and the children at risk – and it […]